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I have been interested in Natural and Alternative healing modalities for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my life I have seen many of my family members pursue the more "traditional/allopathic" forms of medicine that address only the symptoms of their dis-ease never getting to the root cause of their illness. The side effects alone were often severly disheartning.

Raising my own boys I decided I would use a different approach. I used herbs, homeopathic treatments, essential oils, flower essences and vitamin therapy to address their flus, colds and common childhood illnesses. Today they are healthy young men.  Any unwell visitors to my home, be they family or friends would often leave my home with a care package of vitamins, herbal tinctures , essential oils etc.

** Please Note: I am not a doctor and I ALWAYS  suggest to check with a health provider.

I have always instinctively felt that there was a mind body connection, but how closely related the two were, was about to be revealed to me;

I was planning to go on holiday and was looking  for some reading material.  The Emotion Code “ by Dr. Bradley Nelson seemed to call to me. Once I began reading it, I could not put it down. Not long after my return, in my email folder I found that Dr. Bradley Nelson would be giving a seminar in North Carolina and decided that I would attend. When I returned home I felt like a changed person.  The second  and third night after my return I had a dream - the same dream.  I dreamed that Dr. Brad himself flanked by two men with a radiating light around them  knocked on my door and asked me to "join them".  It was powerful dream and I woke up feeling very moved and a little confused. Life soon took over and I was side tracked from my calling. 4 months later I was made aware of a  worrisome diagnosis .

Instead of mainstream intervention, I decided to use the Emotion code along with vitamin therapy and meditation and simple daily walks for two months before going back to be retested. (Please Note: This was my own choice , always check with your health care provider)

My results came back completely normal. I was then convinced that the Emotion Code played an integral part of my journey back to energetic wellness. I remember how I would feel releasing my emotions, like a weight coming off my shoulders. Tears of relief would often follow.

I was convinced more than ever that a Higher Power wanted me to do this work and I was happy and willing to oblige. I began Certification  for the Emotion Code  on November 19th 2012 and became certified on March 26th 2013. In June of the same year I began certification for the Body Code and recieved my full certification on December 4th, 2013. The Emotion and Body Code are now my passion and I feel honored to be able to contribute to the wellness of others.  

I continue to do the work I was called to do and feel blessed every day as I witness the life changing effects of these modalities!

For everything you've wanted to know about the Emotion Code and the Body Code, please click on the link below for my author interview with Powerful You Publications.

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