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The Body Code

What about the Body Code?

The Body Code is a much more intricate modality that dives deeper into the elegant systems of the body. The Emotion Code is only a subcategory of the Body Code. Imbalances are found the same way as the Emotion Code ( Muscle Testing), Underlying reasons are released as well as the original Imbalance. This assures that the root issue is always eliminated.

There are 6 main components of the Body Code which are comprised of subcategories:

1. Energies -  Post Traumatic, Offensive, Mental, Addictive Heart Energy, Allergy/Intolerance, Emotional ( The Emotion Code)

2. Circuits and Systems -  Organs, Glands, Chakras, Acupuncture System, Disconnections and Systems 

3. Toxins -  Heavy Metals, Excesses,  EM Spectrum, Dental Toxicity, Microbial, Prions, Chemicals.       

4. Pathogens - Parasites, Fungal, Bacterial, Viral, Mold

5. Misalignments - Skeleton, Connective Tissue, Glans, Organs, Systems  

6. Nutrition and Lifestyle -  PH imbalance, Malnutrition, Foods Herbs and Nutrients, Dehydration, Color Deficiency, Sleep, Outside Needs, Magnetic Field.                   

  **Many of the above subcategories are further broken down into subcategories.

The following quote by Dr. Bradley Nelson says it all and my clients could not agree more:

" Whether it's better health, happier relationships, more money or all three , the solution is the Body Code. The most advanced system for mental, emotional and physical healing ever devised."  -Dr. Bradley Nelson           

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