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Collagen Synergy

Liquid BioCell Collagen LIFE, PURE, SKIN, SPORT, TRIM

Introducing the Modere Liquid BioCell Collagen/HA Matrix!!

This is going to rock your world!

Modere Liquid BioCell Collagen is the new generation of collagen and it’s changing the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you age. The First of its kind worldwide, this new collagen elixir features the the award-winning, scientifically formulated, multi-patentedCollagen/HA Matrix.

Everywhere Collagen is Found in our Body ( collagen is found in 90% of our body), there are also 2 molecules found with it, these being Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate.

The Synergy of these 3 Biomolecules found in this Matrixis the Key in Playing a significant role in its Efficacy. When you consume this you are getting the right Type in its most absorbable form with all 3 molecules present. Your Body Recognizes it as its own and absorbs it readily.

There are 4 Formulations available and although they each address a specific need, all of them deliver the following Benefits:

Sugar Free, Naturally Flavoured. For those who don’t want anything else added. It is simply Pure!


For those of you who want to kick it up a notch. Life BioCell Liquid Collagen contains Phytonutrient Rich Superfoods like mangosteen, noni and açai berries + Resveratrol. This formula is perfect!


For Radiant, Well Hydrated Skin, this formula is second to none. With 18 phytonutrient rich superfoods that include pomegranate, bamboo, green tea + Ceramides and High potency Vitamin C.


Synergistically combined with BCAAs, L-carnitine, and 9 antioxidant superfoods including rhodiola and astragalus extracts, Liquid BioCell Sport fuels physical and mental performance with advanced joint and muscle recovery in one formula. Plus, Liquid BioCell Sport is NSF Certified for Sport (R) which demonstrates the commitment to providing a clean, safe product and promoting fair play in sport.

Fuels physical & mental performance and Stimulates muscle cell recovery.


Our Lean Body System is an exclusive collection of scientifically designed products—Trim, Burn and Activate—to help you burn fat, lose inches and promote lean body composition.*

Trim features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two leading technologies to accelerate fat reduction, improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin for a sculpted, lean body—CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology. Not only does CLA support fat-burning metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells, inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat cell size and reducing fat cell formation.*

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