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The Heart Wall

Despite its strength the heart is fragile and is vulnerable to emotional injury and sometimes trapped emotions become lodged in and around the heart. When this happens, it is called a heart wall.

93% of people have a Heart Wall. Initially we build a Heart Wall to protect us from for a short period of time while we move through the initial shock or trauma that brought on the pain. However in time this Heart Wall can and does cause disruptions in our energy flow, which interfere with our relationships, our success as well as our physical and emotional health. Some manifestations of the Heart Wall would be:

Feelings of isolation, trouble giving and receiving love, relationship troubles, trouble finding your true calling, success blocks, chest heaviness, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty healing, depression and emotional numbness.

When the Heart Wall is eliminated, people report a profound change in their lives. Sometimes the difference is immediate and other times it takes some time as the energy is shifting. The changes are most often seen in areas of health, relationships as well as career. Having your Heart Wall eliminated is the one loving thing you can do for yourself that will change your life. Give yourself the gift of freedom from your Heart Wall.

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